IG&H future-proofs its business with Certinia and CBEE Remarkable

Certinia is the vendor we sought to align with us in terms of out-of-the-box thinking and solutions. CBEE Remarkable helped us take advantage of the power and the power of the data within Certinia.

Kirsten Botman, Director Legal & Finance, IG&H

Key Benefits:

1 source of truth

20% growth year-on-year up to date

Real-time visibility into business

As a leading independent digital transformation firm in the Netherlands, IG&H creates value through a combination of digital capabilities and deep sector knowledge for its clients in the Financial Services, Health and Retail sector. By engaging CBEE Remarkable, IG&H found a partner with the expertise, skills, mindset and vision to help it run and further develop its single platform for continued growth and international expansion.

Since its founding in 1988, IG&H has steadily grown to become the top independent business consulting firm in the Netherlands. In fact, it has more than doubled the number of full-time employees and nearly doubled revenues since 2018. As it pursues further ambitious domestic and international expansion, it needed to manage and drive business from a single platform with enhanced business insight.

After the initial implementation, IG&H needed to optimize Salesforce and Certinia, standardize basic processes, and configure the platforms to best meet its needs. So, IG&H called upon CBEE Remarkable to further develop the platform. This Certinia partner has extensive knowledge and skills about Certinia solutions. The partner’s pragmatic, team-minded, and result-oriented approach was exactly what IG&H sought to help it build a strong foundation for future business success. The starting point for every solution is scalability and working as much as possible with standardized solutions.

Initially, IG&H moved it’s financial processes to the Salesforce platform by implementing Certinia Professional Services (PS) Cloud and Certinia Accounting. This transition was the first step in creating a 360-degree view of customers and one source of truth. This action initiated the connected business process–from first marketing interactions to invoice bookings–to happen on a single platform. In turn, IG&H optimized financial processes, better manages information, gained more and real-time insight into its business, and can more quickly drive professionalism across the business.

After the initial implementation, CBEE Remarkable continued the setup by further optimizing both Salesforce and Certinia for IG&H. Along the way, IG&H provided a user story for every development case that covered the company’s wishes, requirements, and timelines. A key ingredient to smooth and swift resolution and implementation. IG&H appreciated CBEE Remarkable’s creative problem-solving approach and fresh ideas focused on delivering measurable results aligned with IG&H’s needs.

When IG&H needed a VAT solution to cover for IG&H growing international presence, CBEE Remarkable extended Certinia's VAT capabilities to address the unique needs of IG&H's business. IG&H’s simple, robust, automated VAT flow supports its invoicing process. The ultimate solution is a simple, robust, automated VAT flow supporting IG&H’s Certinia-enabled invoicing process. With this in place, the company is compliant with VAT laws and regulations without manual intervention, enabling IG&H to efficiently do business with foreign companies.

IG&H is in a position to pursue additional international expansion and solidify its presence in current markets. Based on the successful collaboration to date with CBEE Remarkable, IG&H looks forward to a long-term partnership that enables the firm to take further advantage of Certinia and Salesforce in support of this growth.