IntegraPay increases productivity and scales business growth

What Certinia allows us to do at IntegraPay is to see our clients in full color. We can see everything they're doing every day, and that helps us make good business decisions.

Tony Braden, CIO/Director, IntegraPay
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Key Benefits:

1 Global customer record

24/7 Access to real-time project data

5x Faster month-end reporting

Struggling with inefficient systems

As a rapidly growing global business, IntegraPay manages a complex, multi-currency accounting process. The company's previous accounting system, however, was manually intensive, requiring multiple locally installed systems for each country where it operates.

This created many inefficiencies: Reporting for month-end close, for example, would take 10 days to complete. To align with the company's business model of providing secure payment solutions to customers 24/7/365, IntegraPay sought a new solution that would improve processes while delivering a complete, real-time view of finances and customer accounts.


With Certinia, IntegraPay can now complete month-end reporting in two days-five times faster than before. Additionally, the ability to see the financial health of business units around the world-as transactions occur-has given IntegraPay's finance team unprecedented visibility and insights into the state of the business.

As a result of moving from manual systems to cloud-based solutions offered by Salesforce and Certinia, IntegraPay now has a single source of truth. With better version control, flexibility, and fast access to global business data, the company can make quick decisions and act accordingly.

Annually, IntegraPay now processes transactions in excess of a billion dollars. By using Certinia ERP Cloud, which is native to the Salesforce platform, the company now has an automated, accurate, and end-to-end view of its customer lifecycle, from the sales pipeline to resource forecasting to customer success.