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Jellyfish achieves cost-effective global scale with Certinia

With workflow efficiencies, automation opportunities, and integrated data driving business decisions, Certinia does not feel like additional cost but more like a cost-saving exercise for our organization.

Dan Paget, Chief Solutions Officer, Jellyfish

Key Benefits:

30 Offices

17 Countries

1 Source of truth

Searching for a scalable solution

As Jellyfish grew from one office of 60 people to more than 30 offices and 1,200 people across 17 countries, its previous project management software solution could not keep up. With project and client information captured in separate systems, employees struggled to easily manage projects and accurately forecast revenue.

It became challenging to determine project status and health for hundreds of clients around the world. Jellyfish knew it needed a system with built-in connectivity, automation, and efficiency.

In contrast to restrictive API integrations offered by other vendors, Certinia is natively built on Salesforce—the system of record for all of Jellyfish's client-related processes. As a result, the company now has a single source of truth across its clients and projects.

Jellyfish can now automate all of its business processes, from lead generation to billing. With one click, an employee can turn a Salesforce notification into a new project. In addition, Certinia enables Jellyfish to give clients visibility into project deliverables, milestones, and budget to assure them that everything is on track.

By automating its essential processes and workflows using Certinia, Jellyfish has been able to reduce and even eliminate costly human errors. This has not only enabled cost savings, but it has also given the company the enterprise-grade solution it needs to support its global growth.

The next step for Dan Paget, Chief Solutions Officer at Jellyfish, is scaling Certinia to continue the positive momentum and achieve greater time and cost savings. With everyone working consistently around the world, the company expects to see even more ROI in the coming months and years. Paget believes this is a chance to reimagine how Jellyfish serves its customers and grows as a global business.

“As we scaled and new teams were formed, it was important that we were all working from one source of truth.”

Adam Hay, Senior Operations Director, Jellyfish