Nextview Thrives with Certinia, Enhancing Operations and Achieving a 30% Reduction in Weekly Meeting Hours

Operating in a role-based, resource-agnostic estimation framework enables us to formulate optimal proposals while maintaining a focus on margin. Our revenue forecast horizon has extended from 3 months to 12 months ahead.

Dico Timmerman, Delivery Director, Nextview Consulting
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Key Benefits:

30% reduction in meeting hours on staffing

Increased customer & employee satisfaction

90-day advance utilization planning 

Nextview, a leading Salesforce consulting firm, found itself at a crossroads in its journey of digital transformation. The company, initially relying on traditional tools like Excel and Exact Online, faced challenges in connecting various aspects of its operations, such as pipeline, utilization, margin and capacity. Recognizing the need for innovation, Nextview embarked on a transformative journey in 2017 by adopting Certinia's PS Cloud and ERP Cloud, marking a pivotal shift in their ability to manage resources and streamline processes.

The swift and efficient implementation, completed in just three months, integrated Certinia seamlessly into Nextview's Sales operations. This enabled the company to gain better control over critical factors like margins, utilizations, and forecasting. With Certinia’s implementation partner, CBEE Remarkable, the adoption was not only positive but also brought additional functionality to the Salesforce platform, which users were already familiar with.

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Nextview's story mirrors the broader trend of growth and success experienced by organizations leveraging Certinia and Salesforce. The platform became the backbone of their operations, offering a unified solution for various processes, from sales to finance. The scalability of Certinia allowed Nextview to undergo a big bang migration, incorporating a firm with 40 consultants effortlessly. The adoption of Certinia not only streamlined operations but also resulted in significant time savings. Senior managers and executives now benefit from a remarkable 30% reduction in weekly meeting hours.

The seamless nature of Certinia brought about more than just efficiency within Nextview’s Salesforce platform—it eliminated surprises, fostering an environment where both customer and employee satisfaction experienced a notable increase. The real-time visibility into utilization metrics, extending an impressive 90 days ahead of schedule, further contributed to a proactive approach to managing resources.

Certinia’s reporting capabilities provided Nextview with intuitive tools, including a comprehensive revenue forecast dashboard. The impact on ROI and metrics was profound. Previously relying on gut feelings or end-of-month invoices for insights, Certinia enabled them to have real-time visibility into utilization, margins, and revenue leakage. Services CPQ emerged as the final missing piece, bridging opportunities and projects, and offering a comprehensive view of deals and estimates.

User adoption was seamless for Nextview, as the familiarity of Sales Cloud combined with Certinia required minimal change management. Consultants played a crucial role as champions, and user feedback was actively incorporated, ensuring a smooth transition. Mobile capabilities, like submitting time and expenses on the go, added further convenience for consultants.

According to Delivery Director, Dico Timmerman, the holistic takeaway is that Nextview now has a centralized hub for all business information. Regardless of the question, whether it's about marketing, sales funnel, scheduled utilization, historical utilization, or days sales outstanding (DSO), with just a click, the Nextview team can access their corporate dashboards. These dashboards cover all key performance indicators (KPIs) from marketing to invoicing, providing a powerful and efficient way to share information.

Having centralized data with 90-day advance utilization planning, and 12-month revenue forecasting empowers Nextview to manage every aspect of their business effectively.