TerraPact saves thousands of hours with Certinia

Our Finance team has to manage multiple entities and having Certinia on the Salesforce platform makes that process painless. Certinia has enabled our Finance team to look at the data, analyze and group the data by entity. Our end-to-end users now have one unified platform.

Tina Hill, Senior Director of Systems
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Key Benefits:

> 1K Hours Saved

1 Source of Truth 

Real-time Visibility

TerraPact, a prominent entity in the ownership, operation, and administration of vital infrastructure assets, oversees an extensive array of agreements spanning North America. They offer proprietors an exclusive chance to divest and capitalize on their assets through a versatile and gratifying economic process.

Initially, TerraPact grappled with disconnected systems and lacked a cohesive platform for streamlined management and oversight. Certinia stepped in to deliver the remedy they sought, enhancing productivity across the entire organization. Presently, TerraPact streamlines operations, saving thousands of hours through a unified platform for their diverse business entities.

Tina Hill, as the Senior Director of Systems at TerraPact, assumes responsibility for systems, change management, interdepartmental initiatives, and organizational training within the company. She efficiently coordinates projects for both the business development and contracts management teams, filling operational gaps as business needs evolve. Additionally, Tina serves as the Certified Salesforce Administrator for the company.