UiPath increases resource utilization with Certinia

At UiPath we're not continually reevaluating the value of Certinia because it's already demonstrated. It is purpose-built on the Salesforce platform, enabling us to answer many hard questions. Whether from an audit or how we answer questions about integration with other tools, that doesn’t come up because it's already on the platform. We don't have to worry about the integration. I think the inherent value of Certinia has become self-evident at UiPath.

Ian Turlin, Sr. Manager, Project/Program Management, UiPath

Key Benefits:

Real-time visibility 

Improved Resource Management

No Integrations

Founded in 2005, UiPath is a global software company that specializes in robotic process automation (RPA), offering cutting-edge solutions to streamline and automate repetitive business processes.

UiPath's unwavering commitment to growth takes center stage, marked by its transition to a publicly traded entity since incorporating Certinia into its operations. The elevation to a publicly traded status brings forth a heightened sense of responsibility, and in navigating this dual focus of expansion and accountability, Certinia emerges as a crucial ally. By seamlessly integrating with UiPath's processes, Certinia plays a pivotal role in ensuring the company's responsible scaling initiatives.

The adoption of PS Cloud serves as a unifying force, fostering standardization and collaboration across the organization. Certinia proves instrumental in providing visibility into resource utilization, facilitating strategic shifts to meet customer requirements promptly. As UiPath takes on the complexities of scaling, the exploration of AI and other tools becomes integral. The pursuit of automated solutions and self-service capabilities underscores UiPath's goal to empower its professional services team with controlled, efficient feedback mechanisms, aligning their expertise with system dynamics.

Ian Turlin, Sr. Manager, Project/Program Management at UiPath, is instrumental in the processes to responsibly manage projects and deliver services on time and to budget. With the dynamic resource demands of professional services, Ian and his team leverage Certinia PS Cloud for visibility and crucial decision-making on necessary pivotal shifts quickly. Responding to UiPath’s customer needs when they need it is the top priority. Ian is leading the way to set up projects faster and take advantage of automation and scalability for their organization.