United Services Group paves the way for future business growth with Certinia

By implementing Certinia, we now have the systems, processes, and data accuracy we need to accommodate new business growth.

Alex Calder, Head of Finance, United Services Group
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Key Benefits:

1 source of truth

98% data accuracy

360° view of customers

Seeking a seamless platform

Though United Services Group had developed increasingly sophisticated processes over the course of its nearly 40-year history, it had lacked integration between key systems. Without a way to easily connect financial and operational data, employees struggled to clearly view inventory levels, manage field service and equipment, and ensure timely and proper reporting and invoicing. United Services Group decided it needed to replace its existing financial system (SAP) with one that enabled a seamless flow of information across the company.

united way

Salesforce has long been United Services Group's platform of choice for managing contractors and stores. Native to the Salesforce platform, Certinia allowed the company to maximize its investment in the platform and bring its data together, offering employees a trustworthy and consistent set of data.

United Services Group can now easily notify customers and partners about the status of equipment repairs. In turn, partners get paid more quickly. Plus, plugging in Certinia to Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) makes it easier for the company to expand its business processes and rapidly accommodate new demands, such as for personal protective equipment (PPE).

With easy access to the data they need, employees can better support the contractors working for United Services Group. Because they can easily find the right information at the right time, employees no longer need to rely on finance for invoice copies or charge explanations. As a result, they can more quickly address contractor inquiries.