Worldline recommends Certinia Accounting & Financial Reporting for digital transformation and accounting agility

We knew the best solution for migrating RDG to the cloud with seamless integration to Salesforce was Certinia. That's why we recently chose Certinia for our own accounting needs as well.

Adrian Hepworth, Chief Architect, Worldline UK&I
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Key Benefits:

1 Source of truth

£2.4M Annual operational cost savings

360° Complete view of customers

Covering transactions across UK rail network

Rail Delivery Group (RDG), one of Worldline's clients, wanted to implement cloud-based accounting so personnel could handle financial management processes easily, quickly, and efficiently from anywhere. For example, the financial director could readily view and authorise the weekly balance transfers of the £12 billion per annum that flows through UK rail, or the auditors could audit without needing to be physically present. The challenge for Worldline was to determine which cloud-based solution would allow approval of journal entries and best enable financial transaction workflows, covering all transactions across the UK rail network.

RDG previously used a legacy on-premise system, which served the client well until it needed to move to a modern cloud solution. Worldline transitioned RDG to Certinia Accounting & Financial Reporting while maintaining the same look and feel in reports to end customers on the Salesforce platform.

Using Certinia, RDG saves time, avoids operational costs, and realizes the long-term benefits of cloud software. Continual updates to Certinia and the Salesforce platform provide Worldline with a steady stream of improvements it can use to better serve its customers.

Perhaps the greatest proof of the success of the Certinia implementation is that RDG's accounting team experienced no obstructions to their regular workflow. All processes remained intact—and in many cases improved—after the migration, enabling the accounting team to work uninterrupted.

Despite having to transition away from its on-premise accounting system, RDG has achieved peace of mind with Certinia. With no disruption to daily operations, the client has improved its day-to-day accounting activities and reporting, and now sees approximately £2.4M per annum in operational savings. Worldline appreciates the efficiencies enabled by Certinia technology and the ease of working with Certinia teams to meet its clients' needs.