ReadyApp partners

Working together to build a great business applications partner ecosystem

Solving complex customer problems often requires integration between a wide variety of applications, services, and solutions. The Certinia ReadyApp program helps partners with complementary solutions to team with us to bring greater value to our customers. If you develop, market and sell your own applications it might make sense for us to go to market together.

Strategic Partners

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management plays an important role in an ERP system, particularly for service-based companies. Certinia is the customer-centric ERP for time & talent optimization, business model agility, and predictive insights. Your employees expect to do their best work by leveraging world-class solutions to keep their workday humming along.

In order to deliver on the requirements of our customers who need a comprehensive HCM offering, Certinia has a strategic alliance with ADP, one of the world’s largest payroll and human resources solutions providers. This strategy provides a comprehensive HCM solution for our customers – by connecting ADP to our PSA and Accounting solutions.

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Global Payments solution

No hardware. No software. No boundaries.
Put Certinia and your wider Salesforce offering in complete control of the payment collection process. Doing so, will transform your customer experience, business processes, compliance/security, cash flow and more. Asperato are the platform leaders when it comes to global payment collection, leveraging the powerful processing capabilities of the world’s leading payment service providers such as GoCardless, Stripe, Worldpay (from FIS), Adyen, Cybersource, Opayo and many more. Loved by finance teams, technical teams and users, the Asperato solution is always the recommended choice for Certinia customers and comes with the unique assurance that it is always fully tested and up to date with Certinia releases.

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Tax Compliance Automation

Sales tax management is a non-revenue-generating burden on your business. If your company is experiencing growth, adding new products, expanding routes to market or adding additional office locations, you could face sales and use tax compliance headaches.. Worse yet, you may be calculating, filing or remitting tax incorrectly, exposing your business to greater audit risk, without even knowing it.

Doing sales tax right in Certinia is simple with Avalara AvaTax. AvaTax’s connectors to Certinia Accounting and SCM automatically validate the ship-to address, then calculate sales tax in real time for each transaction—all without leaving the Certinia platform. Avalara’s Compliance Cloud Platform is continuously updated with the latest sales tax rates, rules and boundaries. Our integration with Certinia is seamless, as are our integrations with a number of other Salesforce Apps, so making the switch to Avalara immediately is simple and fast.

Leave the taxing part of your business to Avalara and Certinia and get back to what really matters: your profits. Join the tens of thousands of businesses that use AvaTax … and do sales tax right.

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Document Automation – eSignatures, CLM

Conga is the developer of the most popular document generation and reporting solutions for Salesforce. In partnership with Conga, Certinia now offers Conga functionality within our Certinia Financial Management solutions. Users can now create richly formatted complex documents, invoices, statements, project summary reports and financial reports directly from Certinia object data.

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Cloud Data Protection Platform for Salesforce

People assume that if it’s in the cloud, it’s protected. But for most SaaS apps like Salesforce there is a shared responsibility for keeping data safe. What do we mean by shared responsibility? Think about your CRM platform as a multi-tenant apartment building. As a renter, you shouldn’t have to worry about the building’s structural integrity, power going out, or the maintenance of shared spaces and amenities. But what happens on the inside of your unit (i.e., your instance of Salesforce), like accidentally deleting data, is your responsibility. It’s this concept that has led us to where we are today: the number one Cloud Data Protection Platform for Salesforce with over 3,000 customers across every industry.

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Human Capital Management

XCD is more than just HR and Payroll software—it’s a complete solution designed to make the complex simple and allow human resources to thrive again within the business.

We achieve this, not only through continuous improvement and development of the solution itself, but by working in complete partnership with you, helping you tackle all of your HR and Payroll challenges head on.

Our formula for success starts with this – scoping out the real issue with you to identify how the XCD system can help transform your human resources.

We like to think big but start simple, phasing implementation to ensure you get the basics sorted simply. Then, you set the pace and direction for the rest of the journey.

With XCD, implementation is swift and secure, and enables you to improve your HR performance over time. Your dedicated HR implementation consultant will be with you every step of the way.

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Complementary Partners


Founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1999, B2BGateway is the world leader in the provision of a cloud-based, fully-integrated EDI & API Connectivity solutions for Certinia users.

B2BGateway’s Certinia solution is 100% built and maintained by B2BGateway developers. B2BGateway’s solution allows for hassle free, reliable and the seamless exchange of any business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, inventory updates, and advanced shipping notices via any communication method (FTP, AS2, HTTP, API, etc.) and any file type (X12, XML, EDIFACT, CSV, etc.).

B2BGateway’s EDI & API Connectivity solutions for Certinia are simple to use, competitively priced, highly effective and can increase profitability by reducing the costs associated with manual data entry errors.

Accounts Payable & Payment Automation

Cloud Lending Solutions is a financial services technology company offering a cloud-based, end-to-end lending platform delivering innovation, cost savings, and agility to banks, alternative finance, and equipment lessors. Cloud Lending Solutions digitizes origination, underwriting, servicing, and collections, creating a best-in-class customer experience, supporting consumer, commercial, small business, marketplace lending, and equipment leasing of all sizes.

Cloud Lending Solutions partnership with Certinia Accounting (FFA) bring core accounting functions—General Ledger, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable—all on the Salesforce platform via the integration with the Cloud Lending Loan or Cloud Lending Lease. By leveraging both Cloud Lending Solutions and Financial Force, clients deploy loan or lease solutions in a highly efficient, error-free and cost-effective solution.

Similar to Certinia, Cloud Lending Solutions is also a Salesforce ISV Strategic Partner.

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Complete EDI Solutions provides no-code/low-code EDI integration with unrivaled flexibility, providing a level of customization previously only found in hard-coded solutions. Supercharge your enterprise B2B integration with fully customizable EDI mapping, translation, and managed file transfer, combined with the ease of use of a cloud-based service with full IPaaS integration.

Complete EDI provides the expert consulting, services, and support required to meet today’s B2B integration needs. Alongside our technology partners, Complete EDI can B2B-enable even the most complicated business processes and provide seamless EDI processing for virtually any business software or service.

Document eSignature

DocuSign transforms how people work, live and connect by providing the freedom to finish business faster on the world’s most trusted electronic signature network. Accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device, the DocuSign Global Network connects companies to their customers, partners, suppliers and employees where they can transact business with confidence. Customers of all sizes solve their paper problems by easily replacing manual, paper-based methods to decrease contract cycle times, reduce costs, improve visibility and control, and enhance customer satisfaction. DocuSign helps your world work better with the easiest, fastest, most secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the cloud.

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Employee Expense Management

Simply put, Expensify makes expense reports that don’t suck! With an automatic, two-way Certinia integration, every step of the expense management process from receipt capture through approval workflows to reimbursement is automated.

Expensify integrates with Certinia Accounting, Professional Services Automation, and Services Resource Planning. With just the click of a button, import all of your Certinia expense categories, accounts, projects, assignments, and milestones into Expensify for coding expenses, then export all of this information into Certinia for billing clients and capturing a real-time view of your company’s expenses.

Designed with both the end-user and the accountant in mind, Expensify is the only expense management partner of and is the leading expense management solution for Certinia clients.

Document eSignature

Fastpath Fastpath provides comprehensive cloud-based audit solutions to automate and simplify SOX compliance for Certinia. Our team has developed audit templates, segregation of duties rules and key out of the box audit reports that make continuous compliance achievable.

Fastpath Assure tells you who has access to your Certinia data, and where the risks are in that access.

With Fastpath Assure, you can analyze segregation of duties conflicts, review and sign off on controls, generate compliance reports, create new Certinia users, see SOD conflicts before they are created, and edit/terminate existing Certinia users.

Integration Platform

Jitterbit delivers a powerful Cloud based integration platform which simplifies and accelerates the design, deployment and management of data, application and API integration. Their Clicks Not Code approach enables clients of all sizes to leverage data across their organizations to drive measurable business value and extend their technology investments. Jitterbit’s Standards based connectivity along with packaged connectors. Allows customers to unlock the value of both cloud and on-premise based technology solutions. 75% of customers are live in 30 days or less.

Customer & Credit Card Payments

Linvio specializes in “cloud-based” solutions for users. Whether you are a start-up, a non-profit, or a Fortune 500 enterprise, cloud-based computing can help your business operate more efficiently, more effectively, and at the same time reduce costs. Their mission is to help companies of all sizes cut costs, and operate like businesses twice their size.

Payment Connect manages credit card, echeck and hosted web payments from inside Salesforce CRM and Certinia Accounting . PaymentConnect integrates with PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, eWay and WorldPay. Standard integration provided to generate appropriate Invoice, Cash Entry and Journal documents within Certinia Accounting.

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Association Management

Nimble AMS is a Association Management System (AMS) created by NimbleUser, the association technology experts. Nimble AMS brings together the AMS features you would expect with the power of Salesforce CRM. AMS + CRM=Nimble AMS.

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CRM Integration

Scribe is the leader in CRM data integration solutions, helping businesses maximize their investments in CRM, ERP, industry applications, and other data assets. With over 12,000 customers and 1,000 partners worldwide, Scribe is a proven provider of cost-effective, reliable data solutions that give a competitive advantage to businesses large and small. We offer a wide range of solutions covering cloud, hybrid, and premise integration needs.

Field Service Management

ServiceMax delivers the future of field service, today. With the only complete suite of cloud-based, social and mobile field service solution, ServiceMax gives companies unprecedented capabilities to drive growth, efficiency and customer delight. ServiceMax optimizes everything from contract entitlements to scheduling & workforce optimization, to inventory, parts and reverse logistics and real-time customer and partner portal access. ServiceMax is a pure cloud application so customers are up and running quickly with a low cost subscription model that is completely integrated with their CRM. Customers include large enterprises like DuPont, Electrolux, and Pentair, and smaller companies such as Everyday Wireless and Advanta Clean.

ServiceMax customers can leverage Certinia as the financial system of record for their field service business. Closed ServiceMax Work Orders are seamlessly integrated into Certinia invoices.

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Incentive Compensation

Xactly is a leading provider of enterprise-class, cloud-based, incentive compensation solutions for employee and sales performance management. We address a critical business need: to incentivize employees and align their behaviors with company goals. Our solutions allow organizations to make better strategic decisions, optimize behaviors, increase sales and employee performance, improve margins, increase operational efficiencies, mitigate risk, design better incentive compensation plans, and reduce error rates in incentive compensation calculations.

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