Resource management

Forecast, plan, and manage resources with certainty

Where a 1-2% improvement in resource utilization overall is the difference between hitting or missing your targets, resource management is critical–and complex. Get the visibility and tools you need to adjust your operating levers and move the needle on resource utilization.

Gain visibility across your entire business with a customer-centric PSA

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Resource management

Resource optimization

The right resource, on the right project, at the right time

Optimize the deployment of your teams by matching skills and availability against customer demand as early as the scoping process. Quickly book resources to projects, identify utilization gaps, and manage complex and globally diverse resourcing needs with a focus on optimizing customer outcomes and business profitability.

Capacity planning

Get a unified view into supply and demand

Manage the supply of your resource’s time and talent in the same system as your customer demand. Understand capacity to deliver across your portfolio and identify gaps for hiring, professional development, and creation of new service offers. 

See the full picture with visibility into project time, PTO, non-billable time, and other resource commitments that drive real-time and accurate resource utilization and revenue forecasts you can trust.

Employee engagement

Engage your teams with resource management software

Get the best work out of your people by keeping them focused on the work they love to do. Easily capture robust skills information, identify opportunities for professional growth in the pipeline, and allow team members to “raise their hand” for work that looks interesting to them. 

Everyone wins when you balance over- and under-utilization and focus team members on work they enjoy. Employees are happier with their jobs, customers are happier with their outcomes, and your business is happier with its performance.