Software & technology

Maximize growth with modern ERP, PSA, and customer success software for technology companies

Bring together your complete opportunity-to-renewal process on a single platform to drive efficiency, customer satisfaction, retention, and profitability. With Certinia, your entire business operates from a single source of certainty.

Your master customer record

Native to Salesforce, Certinia gives you a 360° view of the customer, from opportunity to renewal. From one place, your team can view and manage invoicing, pricing, renewals, revenue recognition, service delivery, planning, accounting, reporting, and analytics.

Billing & revenue management

Automate any and
all revenue streams

Certinia gives you the flexibility and agility to deliver service-based offerings and service-product blends. Whether you deal in complex, subscription-based contracts, fixed-fee services, or individual products, all sources of billing and revenue management needs can be accommodated.

Services automation

Deliver services with certainty

Certinia Professional Services Automation (PSA) optimizes every aspect of professional services execution, leading to improved employee retention, boosted utilization, and reliably on-time, on-budget project delivery—all resulting in more predictable business.


Improve customer
satisfaction and retention

For technology companies, customer satisfaction and retention are critical to long-term financial success. Certinia transforms customer success into a team support and ensures consistent and scalable delivery of your customer success best practices.

Intelligent analytics

Track the metrics that
matter in real time

Powered by Salesforce CRM Analytics, Certinia provides the fastest path to meaningful insights. Executives and team members alike can easily draw insights from graphically rich dashboards and reports for revenue forecasts (ARR, MRR, etc.), utilization metrics, cash flow, and more.