Certinia Elevates Services Business Efficiency and Predictability with New Certinia AI, Forecasting Accuracy, and Resource Management Capabilities

Certinia’s Winter 2024 release introduces AI-driven predictive modeling, streamlined accounting processes, and elevated project management features to redefine enterprise-grade services operations.

SAN JOSE, Calif. – December 13, 2023 – Certinia, the platform for services businesses, today announced new advanced AI capabilities and a wide range of enhancements to its Services-as-a-Business platform. Users gain practical benefits like time-saving features for accounting, improved forecast accuracy, and smarter resource planning—all in one simple-to-use interface.

Certinia AI Driving Transformation in Finance and Services Operations

Certinia has introduced the most advanced purpose-built AI for services businesses available today with state-of-the-art predictive modeling seamlessly integrated across the portfolio. Known as “Certinia AI”, this expanding set of capabilities provides accurate predictions for days to pay in Cash Flow Forecasting, enhances margin optimization in Services Delivery, and offers project delivery insights to mitigate risks in scheduled work. Certinia is actively expanding its AI capabilities, developing several new use cases designed to further streamline workflows in service-oriented businesses.

The pragmatic approach guiding Certinia AI significantly reduces the risks commonly associated with AI adoption by embedding AI directly into existing business processes, providing users with the insights they need, precisely when and where they need them. Models are trained on customers’ own data to deliver actionable insights. Users can view the attributes of the model, its accuracy, and understand how it can be continually improved. Over time, the model assesses the accuracy of its predictions against actual outcomes, enhancing its reliability. As a result, professional services teams now are more empowered than ever to harness AI capabilities to tackle practical, scalable, real-world use cases in finance and professional services.

Additional Certinia Winter Release Highlights:

  • Streamlining Accounting Workflows
    Improvements to accounting workflows designed for Financial Controllers and Analysts enable them to efficiently compile and disseminate comprehensive reports to stakeholders, including board members. This release includes investments across allocation templates, bank reconciliations, period close playbooks and reporting to streamline accounting workflows in the period close process. These advancements will help to accelerate the efficiency of accounting teams and strengthen their ability to influence strategic business outcomes.
  • Evolving Forecasting Capabilities with Extended Planning & Analysis (XP&A)
    CFOs will benefit from a pivotal shift in financial planning to deliver a more accurate and comprehensive view of an organization’s financial health with Certinia’s transition from Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) to Extended Planning and Analysis (XP&A). XP&A goes beyond traditional financials to incorporate operations, sales, HR, and other critical functions into one holistic view of business-wide performance. This release includes capabilities for greater modeling flexibility such as advanced what-if scenario forecasting, and a range of ease-of-use improvements marked by the release of new use case templates. Additionally, this release extends Financial Report Builder to Extended Report Builder (XRB), providing non-financial reporting for Certinia PS Cloud and ERP customers. The evolution to modern XP&A capabilities in this release signals a new era of intelligence and strategic foresight in services business planning.
  • Accelerating Visibility into Resource Capacity and Demand
    Project managers require visibility earlier in the process to deliver more precise project estimates that ensure projects can be completed on schedule and within budget. Through a revamped Hours Breakdown interface and new Estimate Phases feature in this release, project managers can improve delivery of project timelines and demand forecasting in the estimation phase through automation.
  • Elevating Project Management for More Cost-Effective Service Delivery
    To work efficiently, project and resource managers need the ability to view and manage tasks with a simple interface. This release includes enhancements to the Task Board, coupled with the introduction of a new Delivery Tracker, giving program and project managers significantly improved visibility and control that will enable them to deliver projects more efficiently and cost-effectively.

“Certinia’s latest release represents a significant step in the ongoing evolution of the services industry,” said Mickey North Rizza, IDC Group Vice-President Enterprise Software. “It’s clear the integration of AI-driven capabilities and the focus on enhancing user experience and operational efficiency are key trends shaping the market. The use of AI for predictive modeling, time-saving enhancements in accounting, improved forecasting accuracy, and advancements in resource management and project delivery are reflective of a broader shift towards more intelligent, automated, and user-friendly enterprise-grade solutions. Such developments have the potential to offer substantial value to services organizations, enabling them to navigate new complexities with greater agility and insight.”

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About Certinia

Certinia (formerly FinancialForce) delivers a Services-as-a-Business platform that powers and connects all aspects of services operations, from services estimation and delivery to customer success management and financial planning and accounting. The company’s Professional Services Automation (PSA), Customer Success, and ERP solutions—delivered on Salesforce’s leading cloud platform—provide the ability to run a connected services business, deliver with intelligence, and achieve business agility. Headquartered in San Jose, California with offices around the world, Certinia is backed by Haveli Investments, General Atlantic and Salesforce Ventures. For more information, visit www.certinia.com.

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