Whistic Security Profile

To help you gain a better understanding of Certinia security, we have partnered with Whistic to provide you with more information about all our security including collateral such as SOC reports or cyber insurance or penetration testing report or controls questionnaires such as CSA and VSA. 

Below you will find our publicly available Whistic Security Profile which includes several of our publicly available security documents such as CSA CAIQ, SOC 3, Security Whitepaper, and FAQs.

To continue your security evaluation, we’d be happy to share the Full Whistic Certinia Security Profile with you if you wish to access and download external and internal resources such as our SOC 1, SOC 2, and latest Penetration Test.  Please contact your account executive to request access to our Full Whistic Profile.  All you will need to do to access the Security Profile is create an account.