Business services

Deliver business services with certainty

Whether expanding into new services and product offerings, understanding which customers are most profitable to your business, or connecting the opportunity-to-renewal process to better serve your customers, Certinia is the platform for services business.

Your customer-centric business platform

Certinia offers business services and business process outsourcing (BPO) organizations a services-as-a-Business platform that drives operational efficiencies while improving customer experience and business success.

Customers in business services

Ansarada closes business on day one

INTO University Partnerships unifies accounting on the Salesforce platform


Elastic automates and improves core business processes with Certinia

Intelligent analytics

Make decisions with certainty

Quickly identify opportunities to grow contract revenues and profitability with role-based, out-of-the box analytics. Help your employees streamline every customer touchpoint with the right information at the right time, in the field and the office.


Connect the front
and back office

Modernize your entire opportunity-to-renewal processes to control costs, forecast results with greater confidence, and increase cash flow and working capital.

Services automation

Deliver services efficiently and profitably

With the master customer record as your single source of certainty, you get full visibility into the entire customer lifecycle from opportunity to renewal. Eliminate broken “handoff” and “over-the-wall” processes, and instead provide a unified experience for both customers and project teams.

Billing & revenue management

Automate any and
all revenue streams

Better monetize your business services, including offerings that require fixed assets and tangible goods. Outsourced IT and managed services, field services, support contracts, subscriptions, and usage-based pricing models—all sources of billing and revenue management can be accommodated and consolidated.

Salesforce platform

Leverage the leading business cloud

Natively built on the Salesforce platform, Certinia gives you even more value when combined with the world’s top CRM and cloud platform. Instead of maintaining brittle integrations and multiple application architectures, you can focus on serving customers and allocating more IT dollars towards growing the business.