The best workplace requires the best people

We believe that diverse, inclusive companies make for a better place to work, and are better for business. We encourage you to bring your whole self—your unique skills, experience, and perspective—to everything you do at Certinia.

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to building a workplace that is diverse and inclusive for all. Initially launched as a grassroots effort by a few passionate employees, C4Inclusion has grown into a Certinia-wide diversity and inclusion (D&I) program, focused on raising awareness, education, and building an inclusive culture. We track and value the positive impacts of D&I. We value our employees’ diverse perspectives and voices that help us shape our company to better engage with and build a more equitable future for our internal community, customers, partners, and the wider world.

Certinia core values

Customer obsessed

We help our customers thrive by making them the center of our universe.

Act and own

We are each responsible for our words, our actions, and our results.

Innovate relentlessly

We are intensely curious, and we deliver cutting edge innovation.

Champion each other

We foster a community of belonging that values our differences.

Our mission is always clear

We put our customers at the center of our business so that they can put their customers at the center of theirs.

Meeting, partnership and business people shaking hands in the office for a deal, collaboration or onboarding. Diversity, professional and employees with handshake for agreement, welcome or greeting

A culture of collaboration and support

Certinia offers an inclusive environment for women and people of all backgrounds who wish to grow their careers. Our employees work in a culture of inclusion where they are proud of their accomplishments and free to innovate and try new things.

Corporate Awards & Recognition