Professional services

Deliver services with certainty

Even as the professional services industry evolves, the vision has remained the same: Businesses want to deliver better results on time and on budget, keeping customers happy and successful. With the first-of-its-kind Services-as-a-Business platform, Certinia helps you make that vision reality.

Your path to predictable
business growth

Certinia Professional Services Automation (PSA) optimizes every aspect of professional services execution, leading to improved employee retention, boosted utilization, and reliably on-time, on-budget project delivery.

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Services automation

Experience enterprise-grade
services automation

Native to Salesforce, Certinia Professional Services Cloud gives you the scalability, security, and flexibility of the world’s top cloud platform. Additionally, informed by our experience working with global services leaders, Certinia comes with built-in best practices to help you improve win rates, utilization, customer satisfaction and margins.

Best practices & processes

Leverage the richest capabilities

Certinia offers the richest set of capabilities of any PSA solution, allowing you to leverage packaged best practices and processes out of the box. You can also configure and continuously hone the solution to match the processes unique to your organization as your business evolves.


Be a customer-centric business

With the master customer record as your single source of certainty, you get full visibility into the entire customer lifecycle from opportunity to renewal. Eliminate broken “handoff” and “over-the-wall” processes, and instead provide a unified experience for both customers and project staff.

Intelligent analytics

Tap into powerful,
real-time insights

You don’t have to hire an army of data scientists or buy expensive third-party tools and data warehouses to glean meaningful business insights. With project, revenue, and cost data for your business in one place, Certinia eliminates revenue leakage and provides powerful, holistic analytics.

Professional services software native to Salesforce

By eliminating the traditional disconnects between sales, services, customer success, and finance, Certinia helps professional services firms achieve their full potential.


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Windward Consulting transforms with data transparency


Elastic automates and improves core business processes with Certinia

VFP realizes 100% ROI with Certinia