VFP realizes 100% ROI with Certinia

Our organization achieved 100% ROI with Certinia, enabling us to scale without technology distractions, evolve, and gain efficiencies as our needs change and our team grows.

Stephanie Picardi Taylor, CEO

Key Benefits:

100% ROI

1 Source of Truth 

Accurate Forecasting

VFP Consulting offers quote to cash management consulting, implementation, and advisory services to help organizations meet their business objectives.

In 2015, when VFP Consulting began its journey, they sought a unified platform to streamline operations and concentrate on business expansion. As their enterprise advanced, they foresaw the necessity for seamless scalability, understanding that integrations would impede their progress. They have achieved their goal of one platform to accelerate efficiencies. Today, VFP experiences an impressive 100% return on investment with Certinia.

A sought-after leader with a 20+ year history working with global Fortune 500 companies, Stephanie is a business process expert with deep and well-recognized expertise in the Salesforce and Certinia ecosystems, focusing on Quote-to-Cash, ERP, CRM, and Financial Management.