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Avance Clinical, a leading CRO, leverages Certinia to support business processes

The system not only strengthened our increasing demand for data visibility and timeliness but also offered broader enhancements across the organization, further positioning Avance Clinical for sustained growth and operational excellence.

Ben Edwards, COO
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Key Benefits:

Increased Resource Utilization

Improved Departmental Visibility

Enhanced Forecasting Accuracy 

Due to its accelerated growth globally, Avance Clinical, a leading clinical research organization, had increased demand for timely and comprehensive visibility into its project financial data. 

To address these requirements, Avance Clinical turned to Certinia. The implementation of Certinia's ERP & PS Cloud allowed Avance Clinical to revolutionize its approach to financial data. With Certinia, they gained the ability to receive revenue snapshots and backlog data on the first day of the month, providing an accurate point-in-time view of their financial performance. 

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As a CRO, Avance Clinical’s business processes and workflows are unique. To quickly leverage Certinia’s value, Exceleris Consulting was a key factor in a successful and timely implementation. Being familiar with the CRO industry, Exceleris Consulting was able to grasp Avance Clinical’s processes and quickly deploy the right solution, Certinia ERP and PS Cloud.

The solution enabled Avance Clinical to achieve more accurate forecasting for short-term and long-term business planning. Certinia's capabilities empowered the leadership team to predict future trends, supporting proactive decision-making. 

Importantly, this forecasting ability has also allowed customers greater visibility to projected costs, an important consideration for biotech customers.

The system provided Avance Clinical department heads with enhanced real-time data capabilities, fostering increased accountability and empowerment. With a bottom-up and top-down budget approach, department heads gained deeper insights into their financial performance and were better equipped to manage their budgets. Granular insights into projected resource requirements also enabled Avance Clinical to ensure that their customer projects are resourced at the right level and at the right time.

Ultimately, Certinia offered the solution to enable a pivotal shift in Avance's financial operations. According to Ben Edwards, COO, “The system supported positive organizational enhancements, assisting Avance Clinical with its continued growth and operational excellence.”