Azur Group runs as a connected business with Certinia

Certinia empowered us to automatically connect business processes across multiple entities, leading to greater agility, along with higher productivity and employee satisfaction.

James Levy, Chief Financial Officer, Azur Group

Key Benefits:

1 source of truth

2 days saved per month-end close

2 days saved per week on administrative tasks

On a mission to help insurers digitally transform, Azur Group builds and underwrites smart, easy-to-use digital products for brokers and their clients.

As the Azur Group’s business grew more complex across six entities, it needed to adapt and improve on existing systems and processes. Its legacy financial management/ERP system didn’t support all of its operating scenarios. Forced to capture key data in spreadsheets and manually toggle between systems, the company recognized the need to enable a seamless flow of information across the business. To connect its sales and operational data on a single platform, Azur Group chose Certinia ERP Cloud to complement its Salesforce instance.

Certinia establishes the relationships between Azur Group’s multiple entities to enable an intercompany process. Plus, the native connection between Certinia and Salesforce means Azur Group can easily access and drill down into information about all six entities in a single place.

Automation and consolidation enable the company to shave two days off month-end closes while ensuring more accurate reporting. Its employees also save two days per week because they no longer need to rekey information into multiple systems.

By eliminating manual data entry and reporting, Certinia has freed up time for Azur Group’s employees to focus on analyzing data. Employees feel higher satisfaction in their roles since they can now contribute at a more strategic level.

Previously, employees were forced to access the ERP system through a Citrix portal. Even then, the Infor solution lacked dashboards that offered the team much needed visibility into its business. With Certinia making all operational data easily accessible via a single screen, Azur Group can run its business in a more streamlined fashion. That added flexibility and agility will serve the company well as it continues growing.