Coleman Insights reports on financials 10x faster after switching to Certinia

Certinia reporting functionality is truly phenomenal.

Eileen Genna, Vice President, Business Operations, Coleman Insights
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Key Benefits:

Run monthly financial reports in real-time

<90 Days to implement and generate value

Multiple points of data analysis to develop business insights

Moving to the salesforce platform

Coleman Insights already used Salesforce to manage customer relationships and data. But when the accounting team sought to tap into the value of the Salesforce platform, they quickly discovered significant challenges in connecting financial data from their existing system to customer data in Salesforce.

Natively built on the Salesforce platform and boosted by the power of Salesforce Einstein, Certinia made it an easy decision to switch accounting solutions.

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The amount of detailed, easy accessible data in Certinia gives a tremendous amount of insight and value to both Coleman Insights' accounting team and executives.

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In Certinia, the aging report for financial transactions runs practically instantaneously. Additionally, with Certinia native to the Salesforce platform, it's very easy for the team to create income statements by department and pull analytics directly from Einstein.

Real-time data in Certinia helps teams throughout Coleman Insights drive better decisions that benefit the company in the short and long term. Thanks to the real-time analytics, key decisions can be made throughout the year, not just at certain checkpoints.