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George Clinical boosts organizational efficiencies by switching from Microsoft Dynamics to Certinia

By better capturing customer data, we've boosted organizational efficiencies and saved approximately 38 hours per week. Plus, it's brilliant having a single-entry point for various currencies. I don't see how we could have achieved such dramatic results without Certinia and its team of experts.

Beulah D'Souza, Senior Finance Manager, George Clinical
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Key Benefits:

25% Reduced accounting workload

38+ Hours saved per week

1 System entry for multiple currencies across 13 entities

Outgrowing Microsoft Dynamics

As a clinical research organization (CRO), George Clinical works with clients in the healthcare industry to improve processes and protocols for drug testing, therapeutics, medical device testing, and more. With project managers operating across 13 entities around the world, the CRO struggled with inconsistent sets of client data. Plus, as George Clinical transitioned from a nonprofit to a commercial entity, its reporting requirements changed in a way that Microsoft Dynamics couldn't support. The CRO was forced to add steps to key processes and manually transfer data between systems.

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Natively built on the Salesforce platform and customized to George Clinical's specifications, Certinia enables a seamless flow of expenses through a more efficient process. George Clinical estimates it has saved more than 38 hours each week.

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George Clinical now feeds projects expenses directly into Certinia on the Salesforce platform, replacing multiple, manual steps with globally automated revenue recognition. With easy access to detailed reporting, the CRO has significantly reduced the workload of its accountants and project managers.

Added visibility and consolidation in Certinia has enabled George Clinical to better collaborate with clients across multiple countries. Project managers can work in their local currency while headquarters reports in Australian dollars. With a seamless process for reporting in any currency, the CRO sees higher team productivity and customer satisfaction.

As George Clinical experiences exponential growth, the time savings it sees with Certinia has been critical. Now all employees across the globe enjoy streamlined processes, easy access to accurate information, and peace of mind that comes with data integrity. Most importantly, George Clinical can supply its customers with supporting evidence on all project spend.