Enabling an agile delivery model with Certinia PS Cloud

Hyland's use of Certinia PS Cloud allowed our services department to re-engineer manual billing and invoicing processes in nine months. The project achieved a 695 percent ROI, verified by an independent research firm, and saw an 84 percent reduction in non-billable project time.

Andrea Bucci, Director, Center of Excellence, Hyland

Key Benefits:

2000+ annual projects

84% reduction in non-billable project time

695% return on investment

Challenges with resource management

Within the past decade, Hyland has acquired over 12 companies, adding complexity to its professional services delivery model. Additionally, Hyland has continually innovated new service offerings throughout the years, creating extra complexity. Resource management was especially affected.

Amidst this growth the professional services division struggled to streamline global resource allocation, according to Andrea Bucci, Director, Center of Excellence for Hyland.


Leveraging Certinia Professional Services (PS) Cloud Analytics, Hyland can now build custom capacity planning reports while seeing real-time insights into its project pipeline.

Native to the Salesforce platform, Certinia PS Cloud empowers Hyland to centralize project and customer data, driving project visibility.

With a better view into service delivery, Hyland can proactively make improvements across the board, from lowering non-billable project time to identifying the dollar impact of delayed timecards.