Idox enables a game-changing experience for its professional services group and customers

The Certinia team took the time to understand our vision and we developed a trusting relationship with the team. Certinia PS Cloud will help us realise our multi-year growth plans to deliver the highest levels of customer and staff experiences. I wanted to enhance customer collaboration so it is at the heart of everything we do, and the Certinia solution will make that happen.

Matthew Salter, Professional Services Director, Idox

Key Benefits:

1 source of truth for customers and colleagues

Enhance customer collaboration

Improve internal staff coordination

Take the Customer and Colleague Experience to the next level

Since its foundation in 2000, Idox has been selectively improving processes and systems for different business functions, as the need to modernize required them to do so. Professional services is the last component moving to an integrated tool to bring all operations under a single solution. The team of over 100 spent over 65% of its time collaborating within the business and with customers delivering services to over 500 customers across the world. Idox wants to standardize its professional services as it had done with other areas of its business to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and quality of service. While the potential to improve was clear, finding a trustworthy partner was key to acting on this vision.

After reviewing the market, the company selected Certinia Professional Services (PS) Cloud to take its professional services group into the future.

For the first time, Idox is able to automate core tasks for its professional services team. With key project information automatically flowing into and out of Certinia PS Cloud, Idox has brought its professional services organization in line with the other standardized areas of its business.

Seamless integration between Certinia PS Cloud and the company's Salesforce instance provides a single, consolidated view into projects and customers. This enables Idox to achieve its 360-degree view and deliver a fantastic experience for both staff and customers. At the same time, Certinia Services Communities is a differentiator and a game-changer in terms of the service it delivers.

With Certinia PS Cloud, Idox's project managers can focus on customer experience, timely project delivery, colleague collaboration, proactive change and achieving business growth targets. By empowering its professional services team with more flexibility and control over the way they manage and deliver projects, Idox will free time for all of its delivery staff for them to focus on other value-added activities, including personal development.

The solution aligns with Idox's growth plans and empowers it to deliver the staff and customer experience that drives customer acquisition along with retention of existing customers and top professional services talent.