Imprivata simplifies healthcare IT management

“We live and breathe Certinia PS Cloud—it's an extension of our brain. It allows us to be smart and continuously know and report on our projects.”

Tammy Godin, Director, North America Professional Services, Imprivata

Key Benefits:

1 global customer record

360° view of customers

24/7 access to real-time project data

Leaving spreadsheets behind

As Imprivata grows, it increasingly works with larger hospitals and integrated delivery networks across the globe. But the company's previous system, based around Microsoft Office and spreadsheets, only led to inaccuracies, painful project tracking, and unbilled time.

To keep pace with company growth, Imprivata's professional services organization needed a way to handle complex projects and growing global staff, automate manual processes, and provide better visibility into the status and health of its implementation portfolio.


Because Certinia Professional Services (PS) Cloud works natively with Salesforce CRM, including on mobile devices, all teams at Imprivata work from the same customer record. Sales, services, finance, and management teams can all easily access, update, and share customer information in real time without visiting multiple applications or systems.

Using Certinia PS Cloud, project managers can quickly understand each customer's needs. They can also plan ahead by mapping project roadmaps and timelines based on pipeline, enabling them to deliver on expectations from day one. Plus, early access to project information empowers Imprivata to keep new customers engaged and excited about their projects.

Imprivata's services team now turns to Certinia to access details across any and all projects, including different hospitals and locations. Additionally, managers can accurately track projects across customers, even those implementing multiple Imprivata products concurrently.