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Muscular Dystrophy Association saves more than $5 million
with Certinia

"Certinia helped us transform and begin our journey to being a data-driven organization. If it wasn't for this partnership, we wouldn't have been able to make this huge change for the better."

Mike Kennedy, CFO, Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)
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Key Benefits:

Save $5M with consolidation with Certinia

Centralize 64 disconnected systems

Connect 90+ offices

Outgrowing an outdated system architecture

Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2020, Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) has grown organically over time. As a result, its employees found themselves manually wrangling data from 64 disconnected systems used across the organization's 90+ offices in the U.S. The result was financial chaos. Needing to efficiently track donations and how that money would be spent toward its mission, MDA sought a consolidated solution and future-proof architecture to manage its financials.

Native to the Salesforce platform, Certinia ERP Cloud and Professional Services (PS) Cloud enabled MDA to move all key financial and service processes to one platform. Supporting this end-to-end process, Certinia could also be coordinated with MDA's other core operational systems set to be consolidated on the Salesforce platform.


Now non-finance employees across MDA's offices can order resources and services and execute transactions through a Salesforce menu powered by Certinia. This enables the finance team to automatically capture transactions in the general ledger, while gaining a view into what was ordered by whom and in what office. Additionally, accounts payable can automatically trigger payments on goods and services ordered.

By implementing an end-to-end process across Salesforce and Certinia, MDA has been empowered to shift to a centralized service model. As a result, the organization has consolidated its accounts payable, procurement, and accounting groups into a single Chicago office, saving resources and boosting efficiency.