The National Transport Research Organisation runs a connected business with a single, seamless source of truth

Our commitment to finding the right solution paid off. We are now running a connected business and delivering our services with newfound data intelligence from our Certinia/Salesforce platform.

Matthew Bereni, National Director Strategy & Innovation,
National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO)

Key Benefits:

100% of staff using the platform within 2 weeks

50% improvement in data accuracy

80% fewer hours to produce reports for executives

The National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO) collaborates with government, consultants, contractors, and private sector organizations to provide innovative, impactful mobility solutions that benefit all Australians and New Zealanders.

This long-standing organization was stymied by legacy, on-premise finance software that did not evolve with its needs. While the finance team found ways to derive value from data stored in the system, the data was incomplete or not produced quickly enough to keep up with the organization’s pace of doing business. As a result, company leaders had difficulties making informed decisions about projects and the overall business. Working with Certinia partner, Exceleris Consulting, NTRO went live with a game-changing platform powered by Salesforce and Certinia ERP Cloud and Professional Services (PS) Cloud.

Now everyone works from a single platform, greatly simplifying processes. Plus, by tracking forecasted to actual costs and project timelines, the team at NTRO can easily adjust plans and understand the financial impact of their decisions on projects or programs of work.

With all useful historical data in the system from day one, employees continued working uninterrupted. In fact, they adopted the platform within two weeks thanks to its robust change management, data transition and organisational training plans. Exceleris was also instrumental in delivering a successful transition thanks to its implementation expertise and the fact that Certinia greatly reduces manual work.

Anyone can quickly generate required reports. The eight weeks it previously took to share monthly finances with executives now takes under one week. Moreover, the financial data is more comprehensive and easier to explore. 

Its journey to adopt Salesforce and Certinia put NTRO on the path to grow and mature its business. By calling upon implementation best practices from Exceleris and process best practices from the Certinia community, it has dramatically improved the way it operates.