Proximity gains proactive resource management for its booming consulting business

The combination of Salesforce and Certinia gives us everything we need for managing our customer relationships, projects, and accounting. This end-to-end solution is just what our business needs to continue on its growth path.

Daniel Cox, Group Manager - Technology, Proximity

Key Benefits:

Real-time visibility

Scaled to 80% increase in projects

Achieved 75%+ reduction in invoicing time

Proximity is a leading provider of integrated consulting, legal and commercial services to government and large organizations. Calling upon a multidisciplinary approach and niche expertise, the company collaborates with its clients to produce extraordinary and impactful solutions.

Proximity has achieved ~30% revenue growth year over year. Having standardized on Microsoft 365 to run much of its business, the company used Microsoft SharePoint to manage projects. That worked when the company was smaller, but as they grew the project volume jumped to over 100 concurrently active projects. Proximity pushed SharePoint to its limits. Increasingly, the software didn’t function as needed. Making matters worse was a disconnected finance process. Lack of integration between SharePoint and the MYOB accounting package forced the finance team to manually transfer data and then fix data-entry errors every month for invoicing–a process that took a week and a half.

In line with its move to the Salesforce platform, Proximity chose Certinia Professional Services (PS) Cloud and Certinia ERP Cloud for the scale and functionality its business needed.

Numerous areas of Proximity’s business benefit from best-of-breed Certinia solutions. Certinia PS Cloud sends reminders to client services to enter their time and provides greater visibility into their projects. The client engagement team now relies on a system that caters to all their project-related needs, while project managers get real-time access to all project information, including status and financials.

Because of simple time and expense entry–which can even be done on a mobile phone–Proximity’s consultants don’t get bogged down with tedious tasks. At the same time, seamless connection between PS Cloud and finance software eliminates manual data transfer and the resulting errors and inconsistencies. Rather than spend a week or more producing month-end invoices, the finance team handles it with the click of a button.

Empowered with purpose-built professional services software, Proximity can proactively manage its projects and needed resources. It is taking advantage of mapping resource requests with available consultants with the right skills. At the same time, the executive team is now able to look beyond historical data to forecast trends and identify growth opportunities.

In addition to improving business processes, Proximity is harnessing Certinia software to improve its business culture. Building on uninterrupted business during the successful launch of Certinia, the company keeps unlocking features that enable it to realize incremental improvements. Rather than waste time fixing a core system, they can focus on extending the capabilities of a powerful platform that addresses all their needs.