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Certinia powers SIG's 70% project margin surge and 50% user experience satisfaction boost

“The Certinia platform design surpassed expectations, providing SIG with a solution to plan resources efficiently and accurately forecast revenue, which was severely lacking in our previous ERP and accounting setup.”

Victor van Rijn, Senior Business Controller, Software Improvement Group
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Key Benefits:

70% Increase in project margin accuracy

1 Source of truth

50% Increase in employee satisfaction regarding user experience

Software Improvement Group (SIG) has undergone a remarkable transformation over its 23-year history, and the journey reflects a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Originally established as a spin-off from the University of Amsterdam, SIG began with a team of experts dedicated to assessing software quality related to the Y2K problem. However, it wasn't until about six or seven years ago, when private equity entered the scene, that a significant shift occurred.

SIG concentrated on steadily building the quality of its platform. The company's unique approach involves assessing the software quality of top-tier clients, including major banks and large corporations, by analyzing source codes in real-time on their “Sigrid” platform. This specialization set SIG apart in the global market, making it an authority on software quality and even prompting government entities to seek their expertise for various projects.

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During this evolution, around five years ago, the company underwent a significant change in its technology stack. Having initially utilized various solutions for ERP and accounting management, SIG faced challenges that hindered its ability to meet the intricate needs of financial and project management. They searched for a solution that was on the Salesforce platform and found Certinia PS Cloud. The fact that Certinia lives within their Salesforce instance, requiring no integration was a huge differentiator from competing solutions. This was a pivotal moment that enabled a transformative shift in efficiency and functionality. 

Certinia addressed critical issues that their previous ERP and accounting solution could not. One notable example is the improvement in project margin calculation accuracy, which increased by approximately 70%. This boost in accuracy has not only streamlined financial processes but has also elevated employee satisfaction regarding the use of the Certinia PS Cloud system by roughly 50%. The single source of truth is the key where siloed data in disparate systems is a thing of the past.  From the standpoint of revenue recognition, SIG utilizes the percentage of completion and equal split approach, a methodology that is also provided by Certinia. Victor van Rijn, Senior Business Controller, sums up the value SIG derives by saying, “Certinia has allowed us to successfully digitize our entire lead-to-cash process. This results in giving me insights into real-time actuals and reliable forecasts which in turn leads to enhanced data-driven business decisions!” 

Looking forward, SIG is poised for even greater success. Plans are underway to further automate and streamline processes to increase the scaling potential. This ambitious step reflects SIG's commitment to not just maintaining its current level of success but propelling itself to new heights in the software quality assessment landscape. With a track record of adaptability and a keen eye on innovation, Software Improvement Group exemplifies the spirit of a company dedicated to continuous improvement in the ever-evolving tech industry.