Splunk builds an innovative services model

"The richness and transparency of data that Certinia PS Cloud provides is critical for our ability to scale our growing global workforce."

Ryan Brown, Senior Director of Operations, Global Professional Services, Splunk

Migrating from spreadsheets

The Splunk Services team helps customers get the most out of their investment in the company's software. However, the team had been relying on spreadsheets to manage professional service engagements and combine data from various systems.

Even after migrating to an earlier professional services automation (PSA) system, the team still faced numerous limitations. Because the system was not native to the Salesforce platform, consultants and project managers had to constantly switch between the PSA system and Salesforce to manage service operations.

Since adopting Certinia Professional Services (PS) Cloud, Splunk can now equip its professional services management team, operations team, internal consultants, and partner consultants with a single source of truth for project management.

Splunk also uses Certinia PS Cloud in tandem with its own software to surface project-related information and insights. As a result, it can analyze data across revenue, utilization, and resource demands by region-ensuring a consistent view across the company.

Splunk considers Salesforce a core platform for connecting essential back-office applications. Now, Certinia PS Cloud seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to deliver end-to-end visibility across sales, services delivery, and finance.

Splunk is now empowered to more effectively manage its global services business with Certinia.

"The platform enables an incredible degree of flexibility and agility for our business model that we didn't have before," explains Ryan Brown, Senior Director of Operations, Global Professional Services at Splunk.

In addition, Splunk now has a far more comprehensive view of projects and opportunities. Within a single platform, users get enhanced visibility into all project-related details, including customer contacts, executive sponsors, project resources, and more.