Terrapinn transforms business processes and outcomes with Certinia ERP Cloud

As part of driving business transformation, I led the project to automate our sales, invoicing and booking system. We leveraged Certinia ERP Cloud to make this happen, and could not have done it otherwise.

Richard Williams, Finance Director, Terrapinn

Key Benefits:

62% faster month-end reporting

50% faster year-end close

£50,000-£70,000 annual savings

With offices in the UK, USA, Middle East, Singapore and Australia, Terrapinn is a market leader in staging large-scale B2B exhibitions and conferences. By bringing together innovators, disrupters and change agents, this company has been sparking ideas, innovations and relationships that transform business for over 30 years.

While Terrapinn had standardized on Salesforce to power many areas of its business, it also maintained an on-premise SAP instance. Employees found it painful to reconcile numbers between the two systems in a process that involved manual steps, multiple handoffs, and spreadsheets that often contained errors. Not only was it difficult to issue invoices, the company was unable to track and report on un-invoiced opportunities. Month-end close took eight days and year-end audits took even longer.

To improve operations and reap the full value of its Salesforce investment, Terrapinn selected Certinia ERP Cloud.

Certinia ERP Cloud works seamlessly with Terrapinn's cloud-based Salesforce system. These unified systems provide a single reporting engine that enables company leaders to easily access accurate, up-to-date information. Easy-to-run reports empower finance to see invoicing by event and entity, and quickly identify any invoicing problems.

Once customers book an event on Terrapinn's website, the opportunities in Salesforce are automatically converted to an invoice in Certinia. Terrapinn can also upload bank statements to Certinia to automatically generate invoices, which are then automatically posted and matched with client records in Salesforce. In addition, managing directors enjoy timely, clear visibility into pipeline via a single dashboard, empowering them to quickly address potential issues and keep opportunities moving forward.

In addition to customers being happy to receive invoices within 24 hours, Terrapinn's finance team can confidently make changes to data in Certinia Cloud ERP without affecting numerous spreadsheets. With all information consolidated and pulled from Certinia, they close out each month in just three days and complete year-end audits in 50% less time. Plus, the company saves £50,000-£70,000 annually by migrating from SAP and achieving efficiencies via the cloud-based Certinia solution.

As Terrapinn grows rapidly, it is determined to continue driving process efficiency. The company has found its solution with Certinia ERP Cloud. By taking advantage of the system's robustness and flexibility, Terrapinn is able to automate common tasks, scale as needed, and achieve nearly limitless ROI. Seeing the incredible benefits from the powerful Certinia solution, Terrapinn's leaders look forward to further optimizing processes and growing the business.