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A $9.3B FrankenCloud on steroids: Thoughts on Oracle's acquisition of NetSuite

One of the biggest issues plaguing organizations is the FrankenCloud, and today we’ve learned that Oracle’s will grow into an even bigger monster as it gains more bolt on appendages including another cloud technology stack and another set of ERP and CRM apps.

We predict this will create disarray for customers, prospects, and employees at both Oracle and NetSuite and raises a number of questions:

  • How will customers choose applications?
  • How will the various clouds and applications integrate and attempt to mix and match?
  • What kind of confusion will there be across the different sales teams?
  • Will salespeople compete with each other across product lines?
  • How will Oracle decide to invest in yet another redundant set of applications?
  • What will happen to acquired applications like OpenAir?
  • If a customer bought into NetSuite, will they buy into Oracle?

NetSuite customers are at risk of being drawn even more deeply into the nightmare of the FrankenCloud. Oracle’s ERP and CRM acquisition track record and string of casualties including PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Siebel applications will only add to customer uncertainty.

As a native ERP vendor on the Salesforce platform, we allow companies to run both their front and back offices on a single platform and it is all centered around the customer.  Certinia has been battling FrankenClouds created by mergers and acquisitions like this from day one, and is ready to help concerned NetSuite customers gain the true benefits of cloud computing.

If you want to see how FinancialFore PSA compares to NetSuite OpenAir:

Download the G2 Crowd product comparison report >



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