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CODA's 'Best of class' SaaS accounting strategy gets industry support

The announcement last week that NetSuite was to integrate its OpenAir PSA (Professional Services Automation) solution with’s CRM (customer relationship management) system shows that customers don’t always want their systems from one supplier. CODA has succeeded for years in the ‘traditional’ software market with its specialist focus on creating and supporting enterprise strength international accounting systems to organisations who want to combine the best finance system they can find, with other specialist systems that they have chosen or already have in place. In the SaaS world, the same is true – users want a finance system that they know can support their businesses as they need to grow, evolve and expand internationally. That often means coming to CODA, as accounting service specialists, as long as integration into their other specialist systems is either off the shelf or easy to achieve. Industry analyst Brian Sommer, in his blog on Netsuite’s announcement, points out the significance of their move:

“In a recession, smart software firms do what they can to keep the customers they have. Making it easier for NetSuite Financial and OpenAir PSA users to integrate with’s CRM makes best-of-breed SaaS products more attractive in the marketplace.”

He goes on to point out that:

“…the deal may indirectly benefit CODA as its Financial software is available as a tightly integrated solution with’s CRM product. Software users have always wanted a best of both worlds situation: the ability to buy the best applications regardless of vendor and have all of these best-of-breed solutions work well together.

That’s certainly been our experience over the last 30 years, but it’s great to see our strategy supported in the SaaS world too.

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