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How Coveo grows revenues and new projects twice as fast as the average services organization

What separates the top performing services organizations from the rest? Certinia customer Coveo has some valuable answers to that question, as the company was recently named in the top 5% of 456 professional services organizations recognized by SPI Research as the “Best-of-the-Best”—part of the firm’s annual Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Report.

Coveo will be sharing their winning strategies in a webinar with SPI Research later this week.

Fast growth, no problem

When it comes to running a services organization, Coveo seems to be doing everything right. Coveo has grown both revenues and new projects at more than twice the rate of average firms, according to SPI, and significantly outperforms the benchmark average in human capital alignment, service execution, and other important categories. As the pioneers of cloud-based AI-powered search and recommendations, Coveo is laser-focused on keeping their employees and customers happy, and using an integrated business application strategy to ensure opportunities, resources, and projects are kept in balance.

Coveo makes business personal

Alain Bouchard, VP of Professional Services for Coveo, has played a key role in the recent success of his team and growth of the company. He tries to ensure his team embodies the core company values daily: Consulting is hard work. Focus on results. Never compromise on quality. Every customer must be referenceable. He describes how this translates into daily operations and how they overcome challenges:

“We are focused on ensuring our enterprise customers can deliver the most relevant experience at every interaction to their customers, partners and employees. We stay focused on the technology, people and processes required to achieve high relevance and best quality for our clients, and don’t let other potentially interesting diversionary projects pull us away from this mission.”

Learn more insights and strategies from the Best-of-the-Best’s Alain Bouchard, Jeanne Urich, Managing Director at SPI Research, and Austin Rohr, Certinia Product Strategy Manager, for the webinar on how to be more efficient and drive growth in 2018 and beyond.

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