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Diversity in the Tech Industry: Who is Blazing the Trail?

Guest contributor Machell Enke is Managing Partner of OpMentors, a full-service consulting firm, specializing in process development, implementation, enhancements, integration, and training. OpMentors partners with premier technology solutions such as Salesforce and Certinia.

When I was asked if I would be interested in writing a blog post about diversity I said sure I can do that! As I started to research and set pen to paper (yes I am old school!) I realized that diversity in the tech industry isn’t just about hiring people of different color, race, religion or gender, it is also about empowering people to bring their diverse knowledge, skills, and life experiences to the table.

So how does one drive diversity in the tech industry? I believe it starts from the executive level, coming from the top down. Salesforce is a great example of this with the hiring of Tony Prophet as their Chief Equality Officer. Some of the issues Prophet will be tackling in his role include pay equality, transgender protections, and human rights work.

I believe the next big driver of diversity can be found at the grassroots level. Salesforce offers another great example of this in their supporting of User Groups like Women in Tech and Outforce. As the co-leader of the Chicago Women in Tech User Group, I have truly benefited both professionally and personally in having a safe place to network with a diverse and awesome group of women.

Another company that is leading the charge in driving diversity in the tech industry from both the executive and grassroots level is Certinia. At their annual customer event Community Live this summer they held a Diversity and Inclusion Breakfast. The event was the result the grassroots movement of a small group of employees getting together and wanting to ensure everyone felt welcome in the workplace and are able to contribute with their own voice. It has been said that Tod Nielson, CEO,  has an open door policy when it comes to diversity initiatives.

As the co-founder of a boutique Salesforce and Certinia Consulting firm, I strive to follow the vision of these leading tech companies and provide a workplace that is diverse and inclusive. In an effort to be successful on this journey, I have utilized several Salesforce Trailhead modules that focus on diversity (links below).

Business Value of Equality

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Equality Ally Strategies

Are you blazing the trail for diversity within your company?

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