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What every services team can learn from the Eagles and Patriots

Playing the Super Bowl is a massive accomplishment for any NFL team, and winning is a dream come true. This year, no one can doubt that the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots absolutely earned their spots. They played hard, they played smart, and they played to win. So what can a services team learn from this year’s Super Bowl teams?

Killer utilization of the bench

It doesn’t get much better than Eagles’ backup quarterback Nick Foles playing the game of his life against a terrific Vikings defense to win the NFC championship, sealing the Eagles’ Super Bowl spot. And on the Patriots’ side? Let’s just say no Gronk, no Edelman, no Hightower, no problem. When your bench can play as good as any other team’s first string, you know you’re doing something right. And services teams should take heed. Know your bench, know every unique skill set on your team, and be prepared to leverage those skills when you least expect it. Success begins and ends with your people, so always be “resource-ready.”

Talent management rockstar

Trailing nearly the entire AFC championship game against Jacksonville, Tom Brady spotted the right player (Amendola) in the right place (end zone) at the right time (less than three minutes left), taking the lead from the Jaguars and ultimately a spot in the Super Bowl. Is there anybody that manages resources better than Tom Brady? Services leaders should take a few pages from Brady’s playbook. Knowing when to staff, where to staff, and what skills are needed to get the job done right will make the difference between mediocre and amazing.

Masterful teamwork

You can only rely so much on raw individual talent. The makings of a top team require that everyone understands the task at hand and how to execute together. That was never more apparent with the Eagles then on the first drive of the second half of the NFC game, using eight plays to go 75 yards in just under five minutes, capped with a flea flicker from Nick Foles to Torrey Smith for a 41-yard touchdown. That required brilliant communication, collaboration, and knowing where and when to be. Services teams need to do the same. When teams communicate, share insight, strategies, and updates of what’s going on, it’s easier to deliver projects that hit targets and maximize profits.

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Image Credit: Keith Allison/Flickr

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