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Fall 2020 Release: Deeper forecasting, predictive insights, more productivity

2020 has been filled with uncertainty, and so the need to quickly prepare and adjust forecasts to meet the demands of the market has never been greater.

The Fall 2020 Release of Certinia ERP and professional services automation (PSA) was designed specifically to deliver on that need, featuring new capabilities that advance business insights, agility, and user experience. 

The goal: Help organizations make better and more informed decisions about their cash needs, investments, and expenditures in these unpredictable times. Forbes recently highlighted Certinia’s market-leading solution in its article Certinia Shows How to Innovate in a Pandemic. Below are some additional highlights for how organizations can benefit from the latest release.

Dashboards: Stay on top of cash flow, revenue, and inventory

The latest Certinia release introduces powerful new dashboards for both services forecasting and cash flow forecasting, empowering teams with predictive capabilities for planning and reporting. The procurement and inventory dashboards give teams more power to manage suppliers, control costs, and ensure the right inventory levels. The latest release also supports agile billing, helping organizations respond to customer needs while maintaining and protecting cash flow. 

  • Cash Flow Forecasting Dashboard: Provides a detailed forecast of how cash is predicted to move in and out of a company over a given quarter or period.

  • Services Revenue Forecasting Dashboard: Empowers services professionals to shift from static forecast reporting to operational action.

  • Procurement and Inventory Dashboards: Procurement managers can identify underperforming suppliers and improve cost control. Inventory Dashboard helps ensure proper inventory levels for order fulfillment.

Sara Curry, Director of Operations and Finance at Interra Global, credits Certinia dashboards for giving them the situational awareness that’s crucial to running a business in today’s environment:

“Through insight and forecasts, we make better business decisions and can be much more responsive to customers. There are many unforeseeable events and variables that can impact our business. Being agile is about more than surviving disruption. It’s a competitive advantage.”

Workspaces: Make faster, better decisions

Certinia has also added three new workspaces: Services Revenue Forecasting, Time and Expense, and Revenue Management. In total, Certinia has delivered 13 different workspaces since it debuted them in its Fall 2019 Release, continuing to streamline how users perform their daily tasks and helping them make faster, better decisions. Customers can further configure these workspaces or create their own, with Certinia’s Workspace Builder.

Accelerate: Achieve faster time to value 

Our latest release also includes new delivery for Certinia Accelerate, our customer lifecycle experience set of solutions that ensure customers receive faster time to value and can take full advantage of new features. This new delivery includes CLX Hub Org Analysis tools to help validate, highlight, and proactively resolve potential deployment issues quickly and easily. Improved deployment automation, user management, and org setup drives faster time to value. Lastly, new best-practice deployment configurations of Certinia applications set customers up for success and growth. 

The Fall 2020 release is available for current and future customers today. You can learn more about it here

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