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Gartner reports boom in software-as-a-service has today reported the results of a Gartner poll on SaaS which makes for interesting reading. It reports that the majority of enterprises expect to increase their use of software-as-as-service (SaaS) in the coming months and years. 90% of the enterprises surveyed globally said they plan to maintain or increase SaaS spend. We certainly believe SaaS provides a new channel for technology innovation and that it will have a big influence on future buying decisions. 2008 has marked a turning point in the SaaS space.

We have seen a number of key enterprise-level vendors throwing their hats into the SaaS ring – including CODA ourselves of course. If more strategic business applications are available to organisations as SaaS, then they will take a more strategic approach to it. SaaS applications must be feature-rich and available cost effectively, or they will not attract a sufficient subscriber base. For adoption to be widespread, standards will be important and integration capabilities vital. SaaS will remain just one option for acquiring business apps, but when the platforms become trusted we could see an increasing proportion of the market move this way over the next few years.

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