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Geoffrey Moore and Tiffani Bova talk disruption in the new services economy

How is the new services economy changing business? At Certinia Community Live in Las Vegas, Jon Reed of Diginomica sat down with analysts and industry leaders to discuss everything from disruption and cloud ERP to the changing worlds of financial management and professional services.

In this first installment in our series of Diginomica interviews, Geoffrey Moore (speaker, advisor, and author of Crossing the Chasm) and Tiffani Bova (Global Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce) sat down with Diginomica minutes after stepping off stage at Community Live. As part of the interview, Moore explained how disruption will impact finance and professional services, while Bova ties the disruption talk into the issues customers are dealing with.

Some key highlights from the conversation:

  1. It’s the “Age of the Customer”: Marketing, sales, professional services, and other disciplines have all been transformed by the new services economy, which measures the success of everything using customer satisfaction. Historically, for example, finance, dominated supply chain management; but in the age of the customer, finance must be much more adaptive to the needs of the customer and ways in which the front office manages the customer relationship.
  2. The lines between products and services continue blurring: It used to be that companies would “productize” their services. In some cases, you wouldn’t even see major providers creating physical boxes to represent services they sold. Today, it’s the opposite, with many companies now “servicizing” their products to meet changing customer expectations.
  3. Amazon and Whole Foods: Given that Community Live took place just a few days after Amazon’s announced $13+ billion acquisition of Whole Foods, Geoffrey and Tiffani couldn’t help from commenting on what this means for the involved players as well as the rest of the business world.

Watch the full interview here, and stay tuned for more videos in the series!


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