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How HR and services teams can speed up profitability

A services organization’s profitability has always been dependent on efficient resource management. It starts with knowing everything about your people—skills, availability, costs, knowledge—and putting them on the right the projects at the right time. If you don’t, the direct impact can be lost revenue and margin erosion. The indirect impact can be project delays, unhappy customers, and under or overworked consultants. 

That can all be easily avoided if you have the right processes and technologies in place and in fact, the right solutions can actually drive predictability and profitability. Where do you start?

Bringing people and project data together

By integrating sales, services, and HR technologies – people and project data can be unified allowing services organizations to vastly extend their visibility beyond mere project tracking. Services leaders will gain visibility into all facets of the business —consultant availability, skills, certifications, absences, current and upcoming projects, project experience —so they can better predict talent needs, balance resource supply, and prompt any necessary recruiting.

Build tight collaboration between services and HR

Once you know you need to recruit, how much time is that going to take? Through the services and HR integration, services teams can work even more closely with the HR team to expedite the processes of recruiting, onboarding, and activating team members to staff projects quickly. Recruiting and management decisions can be made much faster and more strategically, directly impacting your bottom line.

Better data, better decisions

With the unified people and project dataset, building meaningful reports and dashboards with real-time insights is dramatically simplified.  Everyone involved will be able to quickly see things like hiring gaps and skills needed or understand the impact that worker performance has on a project, etc. — without the need to create a data warehouse.  

Finding the right solution  

Many analyst research firms, including SPI, TSIA, and IDC, argue that services organizations benefit most when connecting their project-based ERP systems and human capital management (HCM) systems. That’s why we joined forces with global HCM provider ADP to offer the only integrated project and talent management solution that brings services and HR data together and delivers a unified view of people, their skills, and projects.

Johnny Ola, Vice President, Global Alliances and Business Development at Certinia, was involved in the strategic decision to partner with ADP: “In the services business, focusing on and investing in your people is the key to your success. This partnership provides organizations with the tools and visibility they need to understand their team’s capacity and skills, work smarter with HR, and keep teams happy, productive, and engaged. It’s all those things that drive customer satisfaction and project profitability.”

Meeting of the Minds, March 18-21 – Orlando, Florida

If you are part of this upcoming ADP customer event, attend this eye-opening Certinia session on Monday, March 19th at 3pm in the Hamilton-Indian River Room in the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort.  Learn how HR teams can become true profit drivers for an organization and effectively manage people and projects with visibility, predictability, and intelligence across your business./p>

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