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Much anticipated Chatter is here…

Yes, it’s official. Salesforce today announced the availability of Chatter following a private Beta which has already yielded some great feedback. Marc Benioff says that: “Based on the [experience of the beta trial users], 90 percent of participants surveyed indicated they would recommend Chatter to others. Specifically, these customers reported a 27 percent increase in collaboration and a 22 percent improvement in productivity with Chatter.”

That’s pretty impressive and from our own use of Chatter within we’d agree. We’d describe it as a combination between Twitter, Facebook and Google Wave, focused on the enterprise. It has reduced e-mail volumes at Certinia, especially the long and fragmented message chains in which it’s sometimes difficult to discern who started a conversation, who is involved in it and what actions need to be taken.

It makes it easier to see and respond to things which means you can be more proactive in dealing with issues as they arise because you see them so much earlier. has built Chatter collaboration into Certinia Accounting and we see great benefits for innovative customers (as laid out previously). And with the price tag outlined by Salesforce (free to users and $15 per month to non users), now everyone can benefit.

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