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PowerPerfector Ramps Up Sales

We recently held a prospect webinar in the UK last week where Michael Bishop, Operations Manager at customer PowerPerfector, talked about his experiences with Certinia Accounting and how it has helped bring finance and sales together. Michael made some interesting observations on how businesses have changed rapidly in the last 10 years, and the need for real time accounting and instant visibility. He talked about the benefits his organization has gained through smoother processes and integration of systems.

Certinia Accounting has met the very complex needs of the business allowing detailed financial analysis. Certinia Accounting has helped the organization manage a 2-fold increase in growth in just 18 months. Without a change in system from MYOB to a cloud platform and applications, Michael would have had to hire additional finance staff to manage the workload at considerable cost. Michael’s words clearly resonated as all the attendees subsequently signed up for a live product demonstration.

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