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Q&A with Sarah Baldeo-Almeida, Sales Manager

Most know by now that during Dreamforce last year, acquired Vana Workforce and Less Software.  Needless to say, it’s been a period of adjustment, assimilation and collaboration as we work to build a strong and cohesive culture and vision for 2014 and beyond.  I’m glad that I had a chance to chat with Sarah Baldeo-Almeida from the former Vana Workforce about her journey through this post-acquisition period and how she feels today as a employee.

1) Hi Sarah!  It’s been two months since the announcement of the acquisitions.  What were your thoughts in the first couple of weeks since you learned about’s acquisition of Vana Workforce?

I’d definitely classify my thoughts as surprised excitement sprinkled with a dash of fear at the unknown. The usual thoughts on job security ran through my mind, but in a positive light I was enthusiastic to leverage the fantastic resources of in being a successful Account Executive.

2. How has the transition process been for you and Vana employees?  What were some of the things that made the transition easier?

The transition process has been an interesting one. There is some acclimation required going from a 15 person company to one that is 250 people plus. I really enjoyed the induction calls, the structure of getting us all set up with Skype, Google Drive and Outlook emails right off.  It helped make us feel a part of the team instantly.

Lastly, let’s not forget that dazzling trip to Amsterdam for the 2014 sales kick-off.  It really solidified everything for me getting to connect face-to-face with my new colleagues! I felt a part of the team and a valued HCM resource.

3. Do you feel the two cultures are complementary?

We share an ingrained commitment to integrity. I love that Jeremy is so approachable and anti-hierarchy, it’s one of the reasons I joined Vana with David Vanheukelom at the helm. I think that kind of transparency fosters not only good employee relations but the growth of new ideas. One great characteristic I noticed at SKO is that while is a rapidly growing company, it still has all the characteristics of a fun, fearless start-up.

4) As a employee, what do you think makes this company standout?

I’ve worked for large companies before, and the real differentiator in my view is that everyone I’ve met is so genuinely inclined to help! Your manager sincerely wants to see you succeed and understand your career trajectory! This is extremely rare to find in Corporate North America and I’m excited to see my career grow here!

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