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SaaS – strategy or chaos? It's your choice!

Spotted an interesting article from Information Week with some useful tips on developing a SaaS strategy. It asserts that CIOs will get the most from SaaS by making it part of their long-term strategy – advice we would fully support. Yet it is astonishing how many companies still treat it in an ad hoc manner. Why – just because it’s easy to get started and try it out? SaaS should be assessed in the same way as any other mission critrical IT strategy and its merits considered whenever a company is looking to drive IT change through the organization.

SaaS is growing and developing all the time, so the biggest challenge for any CIO is keeping up with developments – something CIOs are practiced at even if the pace of change is even quicker in the SaaS world. It’s about getting the right balance of applications and infrastructure to support the business. The danger is that without a strategic approach (even if the strategy is – ‘we aren’t going to adopt SaaS just yet’), it will start to infiltrate your organization without you realising it. Result – certain chaos! Take a look at the article’s 9 keys to SaaS strategy for the main areas to address…

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