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Illuminating the path to profitability: Read the 2023 SPI Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Report

Simon Jones monitors the market and competitive intelligence for FinancialForce. When it comes to spotting disruption and addressing industry trends, Simon is the go-to. He is focused on helping businesses make smart, timely adjustments and apply the right strategies to turn a lemon into limoncello. 

In today’s economic headwinds, businesses are looking for ways to pivot to profitability. With cost-effective growth, a main catalyst for this pivot, professional services organizations need to find ways to streamline their operations, reduce complexity, and improve access to actionable insights. 

That’s where FinancialForce comes in.

According to the SPI Research 2023 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark report, FinancialForce’s Services-as-a-Business (SaaB) platform can help professional services businesses consolidate their cloud systems and achieve improved business certainty. By adopting this fully connected approach, companies can reap significant rewards, including faster revenue growth, higher win-rates, healthier resource utilization, and stronger project margins.

But what does it mean to pivot to profitability, and how can FinancialForce help? At its core, pivoting to profitability means finding ways to increase revenue while reducing costs. This requires a strategic approach that takes into account the current economic climate, supply chain disruptions, and geopolitical dynamics. It also requires an efficient and cost-effective system for managing operations and delivering real-time intelligence.

FinancialForce’s SaaB platform is designed to do just that. By connecting the services journey and delivering real-time intelligence, it enables businesses to make more informed decisions and pivot quickly when needed. And as the report shows, companies with cost-effective, efficient, and integrated solutions like the FinancialForce SaaB platform see 27% higher project revenues than those without.

Use this report to discover:

  1. Benchmark KPIs such as annual revenue per consultant, employee billable utilization, % of employees billable, headcount growth and attrition statistics, and bid-to-win ratio
  2. How your performance compares to other leading services-driven businesses 
  3. The biggest business and technology trends impacting services organizations
  4. What the most successful firms do to run more efficiently and profitably, uncover new markets, and deliver projects that delight and satisfy customers

Is your organization looking to pivot to profitability in 2023 and beyond? Let FinancialForce show you how. Download the SPI Research 2023 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark report today to learn more about how Professional Services Automation can help you achieve your goals, navigate the uncertainties of the current economic climate—and emerge stronger than ever.

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