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Small but still sophisticated?

When we at CODA started to look at creating an on-demand (SaaS) accounting system, it was clear that it would allow us to address the needs of much smaller organizations than we have ever done with our traditional ‘on-premise’ software and service model.

That was exciting for us, but also a challenge since we’d not operated extensively in that area of the market before. We focused on what’s different about the needs of smaller companies. And we quickly came to an important conclusion – organizations may be small, but that doesn’t mean their needs are simple.

Realising that even small businesses demand sophisticated functionality was actually great news for us! because CODA’s been supporting companies with highly complicated requirements for decades. With the on-demand approach, we have a way of delivering it to smaller user bases efficiently and simply. We just need to make sure that the software is so easy to set up and use that it doesn’t require armies of accountants and technical people.

Surely that’s not rocket science?

So when we announced CODA 2go, we made a simple, bold statement:

CODA will do for accounting what Salesforce has done for CRM.”

By which we mean, we’re going to deliver enterprise level accounting sophistication to small and medium organizations.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it!

Well, watch this space!

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