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Why BeyondTrust, DocuSign, and Five9 all jumped to a Services-as-a-Business platform

Deliver Services Intelligently and Run a Connected Services Business: How DocuSign, BeyondTrust, and Five9 Benefit from FinancialForce’s SaaB Platform

By David Schloss, VP and General Manager, Americas

Here’s some exciting news: over the past year we’ve seen incredible growth of our customer base across the world, proving that when large enterprises or SMBs alike need to run a customer-centric connected services business, FinancialForce is who they choose to make it happen. 

So, in a series of blog posts over the coming weeks, we wanted to take you on a jet-setting tour around the globe to showcase what some of these cool customers of ours have been up to. Let’s go!

First stop: North America, where we’ll examine how intelligent identity and access security leader BeyondTrust, e-signature pioneer DocuSign, and cloud contact center software provider Five9, are all using FinancialForce’s Services-as-a-Business (SaaB) platform to unlock full, 360-degree visibility and run truly connected enterprises.

BeyondTrust found itself with four professional services organizations after a series of acquisitions and mergers. To streamline operations and close projects quickly, the company needed to unite professional services on a single application platform. By standardizing on the Salesforce native FinancialForce Professional Services Cloud (PS Cloud) solution, BeyondTrust now has the visibility into projects that it needs. Project managers can easily schedule engineers based on skill set, availability, and geography. And customer success managers are automatically alerted to proactively reach out to the customer when a project manager flags a project. Automation alone has enabled BeyondTrust to reduce project management overlay by 5% and collectively save project managers about 40 hours per week, resulting in a 20% higher utilization globally.

LeeRoy Richardson, Jr., a FinancialForce Customer Success Manager (CSM) has worked closely with BeyondTrust for the last five years and acknowledges they had always been a happy FinancialForce customer. But when Bomgar acquired BeyondTrust in 2018, using FinancialForce PS Cloud as a catalyst for success amid their M&A process was a real game changer for them.

LeeRoy says, 

“Not only did it allow for rapid growth and efficient project management, it ultimately helped them to keep a customer-centric focus while consolidating the brand under the BeyondTrust name — known and loved by its customers for years. This is a great example of how PSA can be incredibly beneficial for consulting-based companies undergoing M&A.”

Next, DocuSign implemented FinancialForce PS Cloud and Billing Central to support the growing complexity of its professional services business. These solutions are seamlessly linked to Salesforce, allowing DocuSign to easily plan and manage projects in a structured, detailed way. By managing all teams and projects in a single system, DocuSign’s professional services leaders can better schedule resources, track time, and more quickly and easily determine project and task status. Additionally, because DocuSign’s professional services team now has earlier visibility into deals, they can bring customers live in a shorter amount of time, helping those customers realize faster time to value.

Finally, Five9 knew it needed a solution tightly connected to Salesforce after two failed implementations with other professional services cloud vendors. FinancialForce PS Cloud fit the bill: now for example, as soon as an opportunity closes in Salesforce, FinancialForce PSA automatically creates a project on the platform. Additionally, Five9 can now easily track project length and accelerate project completion, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and $2.5 million in increased revenue over just two quarters (and growing!).

Calla Cloud, the FinancialForce CSM working with Five9, believes the company’s ‘upmarket’ strategy was the main driver of its successful business results in 2022. 

Calla says, 

“The company increased its enterprise subscription revenue by 37% year over year in the last twelve months. In order to scale and respond to this kind of growth, we worked with the Five9 team to put together a Success Plan framework to tackle process inefficiencies, allowing them to scale their business and tackle issues one by one. Our partnership has been crucial in enabling them to fix inefficiencies in their professional services and automate as much as possible to meet the growth they continue to experience.”

With FinancialForce, services businesses can achieve accelerated growth, improved profitability, market-leading customer satisfaction, and secure consistent renewals. But don’t just take our word for it–hear what these customers had to say about us:

  • “The way FinancialForce PSA works with Salesforce empowers me to configure it rather than relying on external expertise, which is a huge advantage.” – Sean Cashin

Vice President, Customer Success and Services at BeyondTrust

  • “Our implementation and go-live was a success. It was great working with the Financial Force team. The introduction of Financial Force significantly improved our operations and had a positive effect on our organization.” – Stephanie Banhart

Manager, Finance-Billings at DocuSign

  • “PSA has been amazing for us – and if your CFO is saying that we made his life easier and he wants more – that’s all you need as a CIO.” – Tony Sorensen

Vice President and Head of IT at Five9

It’s amazing to see such tremendous growth in the number of customers who are unlocking value and running truly connected services businesses with our SaaB platform. 

Next Steps:

  • Read more about DocuSign, BeyondTrust, and Five9 in their success stories on the FinancialForce website
  • Interested in learning more about how FinancialForce can help your business? Feel free to reach out to us!
  • Stay tuned to the FinancialForce blog, where in the coming weeks we’ll hop across the pond and showcase what some of our customers in EMEA are up to, followed by APAC!
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