Services CPQ

What is Services CPQ?

For any successful Professional Services team,
estimating is vital for business success.

Yet, many companies still have to rely on using spreadsheets and other bespoke developed systems which can cause all sorts of issues; such as long lead times, lack of visibility into status, and poor control of accounting.

This is why Certinia developed Services CPQ. A solution specifically designed to enable you to deliver better estimates, more effectively and more efficiently.

Here’s how it works: You’ll already be using Salesforce to manage your sales opportunities and, possibly, your post-sales service activity, as well. You can also use Certinia PSA to manage your project delivery teams and to address your complex billing and revenue recognition needs services.

Services configure price quote (CPQ) software slots seamlessly into this process. It enables you to initiate estimates related to an opportunity and to do so easily, quickly, and accurately; based on a library of existing templates, or from previous estimates; to automatically populate tasks and resources to apply specific roles, bill rates, and costs; to model changes, pricings, timings, expenses and discounts in an iterative manner; and to handle the complexity of multiple estimates, to manage the complete estimate through your internal approval processes and, finally, to pass it back to your CRM system where it can be automatically translated into an active project, once it’s Closed Won, to jumpstart the delivery process.

In addition, by auto-populating resource requests from the estimate, it supports improved capacity planning for the services function. And because Services CPQ sits on the Salesforce platform, it does all of this with one easy-to-use interface, one common security model, one approvals engine with no integrations, no process handovers, no errors, and no delays. One seamless set of processes from the opportunity, through the estimate to delivery, billing, and, finally, revenue regulation.

This results in more accurate estimates produced faster and more effectively, which should help you win more business. Learn how Certinia Services CPQ can help your company.