Project Management Software

Taking Project Management Software to the Cloud

Is your business in search of software to enhance project organization and tracking? Do you wish to integrate your cloud-based CRM with cutting-edge Professional Services Automation (PSA) software?

The ongoing social revolution has prompted a fresh perspective on project team operations. Certinia is at the forefront, developing innovative project management software solutions that prioritize placing the customer at the heart of each project. Our goal is to facilitate collaborative and efficient teamwork, ultimately delivering enhanced value to your clients. This powerful project management software is seamlessly integrated within Certinia Professional Services (PS) Cloud.

An integrated PSA results in 27% higher project revenues.

Is failing to consolidate cloud systems impacting your bottom line?

Benefits of Certinia’s Project Management Software

  1. Personalized Project Views: Empower managers with personalized views of their projects.
  2. Automated Robust Workflows: Streamline workflows to match the complexity of your projects.
  3. Project Templates: Leverage project templates for a repeatable customer experience.
  4. Resource Assignment: Assign resources at both project and task levels with detailed WBS support.
  5. Communities and Portals: Utilize communities and portals to store all project-related documents in one centralized location.

Project Management Focused on the Customer:

Great project managers excel at managing customer expectations and communication. Certinia PSA provides various options to involve customers in the project, including customer and partner communities/portals, automated status reporting, and built-in social tools like Chatter.

  • Collaboratively manage project tasks via customer portals.
  • Provide customized and detailed status reports automatically.
  • Create customer or project communities for more social collaboration.

Flexible Project Configuration:

Certinia PSA’s project management software allows for flexible configurations, ensuring that it adapts to your unique needs. Configure projects at the field level, create custom fields and views, leverage a robust workflow engine, and configure by profiles to accommodate different project types or practices.

  • Configure projects at the field level and create custom fields and views.
  • Leverage a robust workflow engine for complex workflows.
  • Configure by profiles to accommodate different project types or practices.

Project Portfolio Management:

Gain a powerful cross-company view into all your projects and resources. Certinia PSA provides complete visibility into the big picture, allowing informed decisions on resource allocation across multiple projects.

  • Get visibility into the big picture when needed.
  • Search and filter through projects to avoid information overload.
  • Drill down to individual resource schedules and adjust assignments with drag-and-drop ease.

Project Task Management:

In addition to robust resource planning, Certinia PSA offers detailed project task management. Utilize the next-gen Gantt view to manage project details effectively.

  • Get a robust Gantt project view.
  • Update project tasks directly in the timecard interface.
  • Track and manage non-billing tasks such as client tasks or internal non-billable employee tasks.

Online Project Planning and Management:

Efficient collaboration is achieved by storing information on accounts, project plans, resource schedules, and customer communications in a single place. Certinia PSA enables seamless online collaboration throughout every step of the project.

  • Remove internal silos and eliminate spreadsheets.
  • Ensure everyone has the same updated information.
  • Add running Chatter conversations to projects to understand the why, not just the what.

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