Why Choose Certinia Built on Salesforce?

Imagine the efficiency of having all your customer and company data consolidated in one place. Managing information across multiple platforms and applications can be chaotic for any business.

Drive business growth with actionable customer insights.

Put customers at the center of everything you do with Certinia on the Salesforce platform.

That’s where Certinia comes in. Built on the Salesforce platform, Certinia provides a cloud-based 360° view of your business, ensuring all critical information is readily available when you need it. By leveraging Salesforce, our apps seamlessly integrate across departments, bridging the gap between CRM and ERP functionalities within a single system.

The Benefits of Certinia Cloud ERP & PSA software on Salesforce:

  1. Seamless integration of engagement and record systems in one platform.
  2. Enhanced security backed by a trusted industry-standard platform.
  3. Access to a wide array of social, mobile, workflow, and other platform capabilities synonymous with Salesforce CRM.

Unlock the power of Certinia built on Salesforce and streamline your business operations like never before.

See how Certinia solutions transform and optimize operations.