Resource Management for Services

The services industry is experiencing exponential growth. To seize opportunities and stay ahead of the learning curve, you require highly automated, scalable cloud-based applications.

Enter the Certinia resource management app for services—a tool that streamlines resource organization based on regions, groups, projects, and more. This application empowers users to efficiently schedule resources.

Bring predictability and efficiency to all aspects of services delivery.

With Certinia’s Advanced Resource Management solution, you can optimize your resourcing strategy and accelerate business growth.

Certinia Professional Services (PS) Cloud is the ultimate solution, providing comprehensive insights into capacity, skills availability, and backlog across your organization. Leveraging the Salesforce platform and CRM, it proves invaluable for services companies.

Effectively manage your staff, ensure regulatory compliance, and cultivate a work environment that attracts and retains top-tier talent. Our robust resource management (RM) solution is tailored to track resource details, certifications, and skills, optimizing your team’s strengths. With resource management, you can:

  1. Align the right people with the right projects consistently.
  2. Centralize all resource details for easy tracking.
  3. Enhance team visibility into scheduling and assignments.
  4. Gain intuitive views of availability and capacity.
  5. Utilize skills and certifications matrix.
  6. Leverage skills catalogs and facilitate capacity planning.

Connect opportunities with the right resources without overburdening your team. Certinia resource management for services ensures efficient, strategic, and streamlined operations.

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